Time To Relax & Take Good Care of Our Own Body

Wind-down, Relax, Reflect and Recharge

It’s end of the year, it’s time to relax. We all know that we need to take good care of our own body. Listening and taking good care of our body can make it easier to recharge our mind too. What do you normally do to relax physically and mentally? Besides music, meditation, sports, healthy diets, etc, that have already been so well exercised, below is my own list, I love to hear yours. 

Full body detoxing

Give your full body a proper scrub, and do that gently. It does not only remove dead skin cells, but also improves micro blood circulation, which in turn helps to reduce your body stress as well. You can do it once a week. 

Try a warm bath with lavender essential oil + salt, put on some candles and calming music. By the way, I always put on a facial mask and a hair mask while enjoying a bath. It saves time but also it really gives a head to toe energy boost. Why not try it too?

Beauty routine

Extensive Facial routine: this is very important ME time. I would suggest to start with a gentle cleanse, and then steam your entire face. Follow that by exfoliation/microdermabrasion, detox, RF and then masks. It takes an hour at least, but I really try to do it as often as possible. If you are new to this and would like to know more, please let me know, or check our my one-on-one skincare and makeup consultation.  

Aromatherapy, time to relax

In my home office, I often heat up lavender scents. Besides the relaxing power of lavender, I just love its scent the most. 

Empty your thoughts from time to time

My best way to sort of meditate is painting. I started a couple of months ago as a new hobby. But now it became my best way to totally empty any thoughts from my head. The funny part is that, whenever I work in front of my computer, or even playing piano, my kids still jump on my laps every 20 mins. But when I’m painting, somehow they get that I’m busy, I guess because they can see my hands are not free, they would let me paint for hours without disturbing me; they still play near me, but rather quietly. 

Let go of stress

Since the new lock down, our daily exercise is cut down a lot. Gyms are closed, and it’s raining almost everyday here, which limits outdoor tennis. What I found really fun and great for cardio is Just Dance Now with my kids. Great bonding time, and it’s great for kids to get rid of their excess energy. For adults it’s great way to let go of stress and keep the body metabolism high. 

When it comes to recharging your inner personal battery, it’s very different per person. I believe you know yourself the best, you just need to believe what you know. 

For example, in general, for less extroverted people, they really need quiet space for themselves to reflect and then recharge; whereas for more extroverted people, meeting and talking to people would generally give them energy. It’s also easier for them to express themselves and talking about their emotions helps them. 

It’s important to be Aware of your positive and negative emotions, Accept your emotion, reflect and take Action. When you are angry, a lot of the time that anger is towards yourself. Be kind to yourself.

“It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. “

It’s time to relax and recharge for the new year.