Hello I am Lu 🙂

Marangoni fashion stylist

Image Consultant Netherlands

Every day is a special occasion. A chance to feel good and be seen.

I’ve always been one of the best dressed since I was a kid. Back then, most people in mainland China didn’t have much choice in clothing to buy. Nor have money for it. But one of my older cousins was a Cathy Airlines flight attendant, so she used to travel around the world and bring back good quality clothing with beautiful designs. Everything was just wow! And fun.

My wardrobe as a teen was never boring or empty. I became a rebel and refused to wear my school uniform in favour of the nice clothes my peers were often jealous of.

I liked to share my clothes, accompany friends on shopping trips, and help them find their own style and self-image. In my 20s, I began to help them with makeup and skincare, too.

I have always had a talent for picking things that would suit others, but my true joy comes from seeing others feel beautiful and confident.

It is empowering and motivating to know what to look for and understand why a style or colour is the right one for you. My clients are always surprised when I reveal why certain clothing never gave them joy, or why they kept on receiving compliments when they wore certain clothes.

It’s such a pity that as adults we only keep our favourite items for special occasions. Imagine how amazing you would feel if you let yourself express your true self in your style every day.

Because image really matters. Whether someone likes it or not, or whether they admit it.

After 10 years in a corporate environment, I know that your style of dress can reflect your image and position to help you be seen and recognized by management and people around you. Yet your style also expresses your personality.

Everyone has unique beauty, and every body shape is beautiful.

Helping you communicate through an image that’s aligned with who you are or who you can be, allows you to feel good and shine every day.

Not just on special occasions. Not just for others.