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3 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Stylist for Your Career

If you want to get ahead in your career and you feel that your value is not being fully recognized, perhaps you should consider having an image consultant or hiring a personal stylist. A professional stylist or image consultant can help you create an unique style that expresses who you are, matches your position and profession, and sets you apart from others.

This is great for landing new jobs as well as advancing your career. Hiring a personal stylist is a lifetime investment towards your personal growth and career advancement. 

Image consultants are trained to identify your style personality and offer style suggestions that can set you up for a successful career. If you need, they can help you find the perfect outfit for every occasion, teach you how to mix and match outfits, or create a capsule wardrobe for you.

My name is Lu an I am an AICI professional image consultant. I can be your personal stylist and help you with your business styling needs! Click here if you would like to know a little bit more about me.

So what are the practical benefits of hiring an image consultant or a personal stylist, and how does it work?

You can check out these videos to get an impression of my work. Keep scrolling to read more or book a free intake to learn how personal styling services can help you achieve your career or personal goal.

Benefits of an Image Consultant

1) Save time & money on outfits that will always look good on you.

When it comes to dressing yourself, there’s no doubt that it costs money. If you don’t know what to look for, you spend too much time searching, trying and buying different styles that may not suit you. Most of the time, you end up wasting money and time, and feeling frustrated and disappointed.

What if I told you that you don’t need to spend much at all while still looking good?

Image consultants are trained to understand who you are and what you need in terms of style to help you impress others. They not only help you find out what colours flatter you, but, also, they analyze your body type, body shape, body proportions, face shape, etc., and help you find outfits and accessories  that complement you. Just imagine someone who has the eyes for every detail and who can take all of the guesswork out of shopping and choosing outfits for you. How wonderful does that sound?

If you’re a busy professional, you will be grateful to make this investment that will change your life. You might be surprised how much time it saves you from looking for and thinking about what to wear. Most importantly, you will always looking well put together.

2) You’ll feel more comfortable, confident, and attractive. 

You know those days when none of your clothes seem to fit properly? Or you’re missing that one piece you need for the day? Or maybe you have a wardrobe full of clothes from years ago that never quite work for you anymore?

Your personal stylist can guide you to know what colours and fabrics would look harmonious on you. With that guidance, you will understand what works best for your body type and fits your lifestyle and personality. 

Personal styling is not about fashion and trends. Instead, it helps you discover and find yourself, then express yourself through style. A good personal stylist can easily pull together outfits that make you feel like a million bucks.

Feeling confident and comfortable is very important to advancing your career in a professional workplace. Image consultants enable you to walk into any room wearing outfits that accentuate your features in an empowering way and helps others to visualize you in your desired position.

3) It helps to advance your career.

One thing we’ve learned over the past few decades is that companies value employees with distinctive strength and visibility. In other words, they prefer people who exude positivity, enthusiasm, and energy at work. This isn’t surprising since companies often think that these traits translate into higher productivity levels and better performance.

However, some people struggle to express themselves effectively during meetings and interviews. Others simply lack self-confidence and aren’t able to project positive vibes. That’s where an image consultant can come in handy. They understand how to leverage colour, style, and clothing into confidence and personal branding in the professional workplace.

In a professional environment, people associate your level of fashion to your role. Your clothes are an extension of your personality. Whether you like it or not, people make judgements based on appearance. Women are judged even more harshly based on how they dress.

Your personality and professionalism should thus be reflected in your outfits. So, if you level up your dress to your desired position, it will help people to see you in that role. Dressing this way will also boost your visibility. Becoming more memorable and visible to management will keep you on their mind when they are looking for a candidate for the role you dream of.

Image consultants can help you create a powerful narrative through your style. This will align with who you are on the inside and help you show up the best version of yourself to the outside world.

What To Expect During Your Session

As an AICI image consultant and personal stylist, I can help you with all of your personal styling needs. 

Each body shape is different, even for people with the same height and weight. In a personal style consultation, you will find out what’s special about you and what flatters your body .

For example, you probably recognise that some clothing styles look and feel better than others. You might have also experienced how some popular clothes online look so good on others but look like a complete disaster on you.

You’re not the only one! Just take a peek at my testimonials page here. This is where people just like you talk about their transformation journey and how they worked with me and now feel more comfortable and confident.

If you need to learn how to improve your wardrobe or enhance your current style, or if you’re looking for advice on dressing for success or expressing your personality through style, I am ready to assist you. 

During my personal style consultations, we will discuss your body shape, body type, body proportions, the way you move, your lifestyle, your profession and your goal. Above all, you will learn how to dress and what to look for in clothes and accessories that fit you best.


During the personal style consultation, we'll address your questions, like...

  • How should I dress for presentations?
  • What can I do to make people focus on me and listen to my presentation?
  • Should I wear a jacket if I go to an interview?
  • Jackets look great on others but are super uncomfortable. What else can replace a jacket?
  • What dress should I wear if I have a big tummy?
  • Should I wear a belt if I have a big tummy?
  • How long should the skirt be in formal occasions?
  • Is my dress too tight for an office environment?
  • How do I look more mature but not old?
  • What kinds of dresses make me look slimmer?
  • How do I dress to look taller?
  • What should a curvy woman wear? 
  • How do I choose earrings and necklaces?

By answering these questions together, you will learn best practices, including...

  • How to dress your body.
  • What fabrics and patterns suit you best.
  • How to accessorize to match your look and outfit.
  • What you can do to change your outfit for different occasions.

Online & Offline Personal Styling Services

We can work together with an offline or an online style consultation – both get the same results!

After this session, you will understand everything about your body shape, body type, facial features and what fits you.

  • Basic styling consultations are 90 minutes long + a 15-minute intake session.

Let me know if you’d like to add the optional personal style guidebook with a supplement of €100.

It is possible to do a duo consultation for 2 people. This will be a total cost of  €349.— for both people and will take 2.5 hours.

Need some help with shopping or your wardrobe? Let me know! I offer personal shopping services (both online & in-store) and wardrobe management so that your wardrobe will be filled with outfits that level up your professionalism and make you shine.

All prices include VAT.

After this session, you’ll be able to bring your style to the next level! You’ll be able to find your true style and express who you really are.

  • Premium styling consultations includes everything that is covered in the Fundamental Styling, as well as style personality.  
  • The consultation takes 3 hours. 
To get an idea of a style consultation, you can check my videos below:
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