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Are you looking for novel team building activities for your team, with your colleagues? Or are you looking for a Business group training that can help the team to upgrade their performance?  Think about a personal branding workshop as a fresh group activity to connect, have fun and grow better together.

Sometimes we should refresh bonds and connect with work colleagues and friends, learn something new about each other that will enhance the working relationship.  Apart from creating memorable experiences,  such small group team building activities help you to either know one another, and celebrate a common interest and goal, or support and help each other. 

This team building can be tailored to your group need. For example, it may be tailored to your industry or occasion, or different functional group of people. With this group coaching, the team can learn about how to dress for work that can actually upgrade their performance,, what’s suited to the company culture and their roles; what are could help to radiate energy and help the team to achieve goals; or working on a specific vision that your company would like to convey. All in all, it can be super fun to learn and become aware together, and be each other’s sparring partners. 


Group Coaching | min. 6 persons

Topics and duration will be tailored to the group based on your goals. Below are some ideas: 

  • Communication & teamwork.
  • How to delivery better presentations.
  • Work attire for different roles and different industry.
  • How to impress customers or investors.
  • How to make great first impression.
  • Body language and business etiquette.

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