What colours to wear

Group Coaching

Do you often wonder what colours to wear to an interview, social networking event, an important meeting or a date? Knowing how to choose colours for yourself can be a game changer. 

Have you ever noticed that some colours make you look fresh and feel energetic, while other colours make you look tired or pale? Those are not your illusions, and, in fact, the impact of colours is more powerful than you may think.

For example, colours can make you look younger or older, and they can make your skin look smooth, or, on the contrary, they can make wrinkles more visible. Colours can also make you look stronger and more powerful, or vulnerable and invisible.

Or, perhaps, you’ve been wondering some of the questions below:

  • Why do I look so pale?
  • How do I look more energetic?
  • Why do I turn yellowish?
  • What is the best colour to wear for a restaurant interview or office job interview?
  • How do I choose a lip stick colour?
  • Am I wearing the right colour for the right occasion?
  • Which colour goes with darker skin?

If you often do, but 1-on-1 service seem a bit out of your budget at the moment, then this group coaching might be a great choice for you. You will not only get your personal colour analysis done by me but will also learn how to apply your new knowledge on a daily basis. It’s a fun and interactive session with a maximum of five participants; therefore, I’m still able to answer your questions and make it as relevant as possible for each of you.


To get an idea of a group coaching session, you can check out my videos on what to expect:

Interactive Group Coaching on Colours| 2 hours

Key topics that will be covered:

  • Your personal colour analysis result, which includes your season and colour type.
  • What colours fit you best.
  • How to combine colours and put an outfit together that creates harmony.
  • How to choose the right colours for the right occasions.

Upcoming Dates & Times:

New dates to be planned. 

Send me a message if you would like to be notified when  new sessions are planned.

Online and Offline

€90.— p.p. for 3-5 participants.

  • Click “BOOK NOW” above to book directly the upcoming session.
  • Click “Reserve” blow and leave in the Message area any extra info, e.g. preference of dates and time, number of people that you are joining with, etc. I will put you on the waiting list and inform you once something become available.
  • Free cancellation up to 72h before the session.
  • The group coaching session will only take place if the minimum number of 3 participants is reached.
  • Payment can be done via PayPal or banktransfer. Details will be provided in a confirmation email to you. 
  • Other preparation will be communicated via email.

What clients say after joinning a group coaching session: