Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What’s the benefit of an image consultation ?

  • It can help you improve your professional image or personal image
  • You will feel so much more confident and empowered
  • It can help you reduce wardrobe overload
  • It can help you filter overwhelming options from the fashion industry.
  • It can help you to shop not just less but better 

How soon can I see the change? 

It’s not a makeover. So I don’t change you to someone else. It’s a journey of self discovery. Every consultation always starts with getting to know you better. The image I help you to create from outside needs to match with who you are inside. Together we will find what makes you shine, and try to radiate that through your new image so other people can see that. It’s about helping you to make sure what other people see you is the same way you want other people to see you. Image does matter. It’s a step by step journey. Of course if you take advice for haircut, makeup or shopping, the change is of course instantly visible. But my goal is that you can replicate that in your daily life. So your wardrobe will be filled only with clothes that you love and that compliment you. So you will fell confident whatever you choose. 

Is this only for women? 

No, men need Personal Image Consulting just as much as women. However, the focus is a bit different. The higher you want to climb up your career ladder, the more important it is to have a well levelled image to facilitate your position. 

What do I need to bring with me? 

Normally I will ask you to bring some of your own clothes, and could be something you are not sure about, or it could be something you wonder what to pair with. That is because, during the workshop or consultation, we can look at them together and you will get advice what to do with them. 

1-on-1 Consultation Questions

What can the Personal Image Consulting service help me? 

If you ever wondered any of the following, then it’s where I can really help you with:

  • How can I increase my chance to get an interview and a higher chance to make a good impression and succeed when I do get an interview? How can I make my personal branding stronger?
  • How can I appear more professional and trustworthy?
  • How can I increase my visibility that Dutch companies are talking about a lot?
  • Dutch people seem to have very different tastes in style, what is appreciated here in social and in business environments?
  • I have a big cluttered wardrobe, and always find nothing suitable to wear. A lot of clothes when I bought them looked so nice, but I hate it when I wear it.
  • I’ve gained lots of weight, none of the clothes look nice anymore. I’m just totally not confident, feel there is no point to dress up.
  • It always takes me forever to find clothes to wear. I don’t know how to put different clothes together if they are not one set.
  • I want to look good, but I hate shopping, it’s so frustrating and wasting time.
  • How formal shall I dress for different occasions? I always wonder if I will be under dressed or over dressed. 

Can I bring someone to my 1-on-1 consultation? 

There is duo consultation available if you are with 2. It’s a popular choice of many. 

How long does a consultation last? 

It depends on what you want to learn. There are different services and packages that you can choose from. A consultation could take 1.5 hours up to a full day, or recurring visits. 

Workshop Questions

Do I need experience to join a workshop? 

Not at all, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge before joining any of the workshops. 

What can I expect in a workshop? 

There are different workshops to choose from based on your interests.

What you can expect from a colour workshop:

First of all, you will have your personal colour analysed by me, either during the workshop if it’s in-person; or before the workshop if it’s online. During the workshop, you will learn about your personal colour that makes you look fresh and radiant, and that suits your personal energy and personality. You will learn how to choose based on your analysis and your colour palette, how to mix and match different colours that suit you, and the steps to put an outfit together. You will be able to apply the personal colour knowledge in your daily life. And it’s not limited to clothes, but also for shoes, bags, and make-up, etc. It will save you a lot of time while shopping, and allows you a better and less frustrated shopping experience. Also it saves you money owing to fewer bad purchases. No more guess work. 

What you can expect from a style workshop:

It’s not about fashion, style is about you and your body. You will not only learn about how to dress for your body, and also will learn about what to avoid. You will learn to look for designs that can enhance the strengths of your body shape, or learn how to camouflage. For example how to dress if you have a very curvy body or no curves, or if you have a big tummy, or you have sloping shoulders; or how to dress to make you look taller, etc. We also will look at your face shape and facial features. You will learn how to choose accessories or even eye-wear that suits you. With this knowledge, you will be able to filter fashion & sales information, and choose only what’s suitable for you. Again, it can save you money, by buying less and smarter.

Where does the workshop take place and how many people per workshop? 

The workshops are offered both online and offline. For offline workshops, they will be around the Utrecht area. It’s a very intimate sized workshop, of about 4-6 participants (min. 3). So you still get very personalised advice and I can make sure your questions will be properly addressed. If you are a group of more than 5 people, content and duration can be tailored to your need, and locations can be discussed to accommodate your wishes. It could be a great activity for example for a bachelorette  party, a team-building day, a family day, or a neighbourhood day. 

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