Skincare & Makeup Consultation

Private Makeup Session

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” — Coco Chanel

The skincare routine and makeup are so personal. They can be so easy for some people but feel like hard-core science for others. In a private makeup session, you will learn the makeup techniques and skincare routine that’s tailored to you.

I worked in this area already since 20 years ago, I know it can be super comfusing and difficult to choose products that work for you. The market place is super crowded in Beauty, and you are overloaded with different infomaiton. I’m not here to sell you any products, but if you need personal guidance in finding a skincare routine that works for you or makeup style that fit you and your time. I’m here to assist you.

Trust me — when you know what to do, a few simple steps can make a huge impact.

What to expect from my Skincare & Makeup consultation:

  • Tips for choosing your skincare and makeup products.
  • A skincare routine that is designed around your needs and time, ranging from 3 to 15 steps.
  • Personalised makeup techniques and product choice based on your skin texture and facial features. 
  • Advice on colours for your makeup based on your natural colour. 
  • Tailord makeup advice based on your need, skill and time. 

To get an idea of a make up session, check out below videos and photos: 

Skincare & Makeup Techniques Consultation

This consultation takes 75 mins + 15 mins make up product shopping advice. 

Don’t worry if you have little to no makeup products and experience. I will teach you step-by-step. 

I will do makeup for half of your face, and you will learn to do the other half.

It is possible to come with 2 people. The cost will then be €299.— for two.  And it takes 2 hours.

All prices include VAT

I also offer individual makeup service for your brand shoot or a bridal makeup for your wedding day at your location. 

All prices include VAT. Traveling and parking cost are not included.

What My Clients Say: