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Say goodbye to the endless struggle of finding the perfect outfit. Imagine your perfect outfits curated by a professional image consultant, effortlessly eliminating wasted time and wardrobe challenges. Revel in perpetual style, always looking well put-together.

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Wardrobe Revolution: Elevate Your Style, Accelerate Your Career!

Are you a dedicated professional with a strong ambition to climb the career ladder swiftly?

Recognizing the importance of your image but struggling to find the time to dress for success?

Imagine a wardrobe selected for you by an image consulting professional. Each day, effortlessly select your outfit from the personalized digital wardrobe app. No more time wasted thinking about what to wear – it’s that simple.

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Why This Package is Tailor-Made for You:

  • Always polished and well put-together
  • Reclaim precious time every day
  • Effortlessly chic outfit decisions at your fingertips

If this resonates with you, this package is crafted for your needs. 

"Still wearing the same style from the start of your career?"

Why Image Consultants are Your Best Option to curate the best styles that support you in your career

People often need to function as if they are already in their next position before getting there. It’s not just about talking the talk but also dressing the part.

Different industries, company cultures, and locations have varying levels of formality. Casual wear might be cool, but it may not be taken seriously. Higher-level managers might struggle to see you as one of them.

Image consultants bridge the gap, ensuring you communicate and behave like you’re two steps ahead.

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Why Choose This Digital Capsule Wardrobe Package?

Overwhelmed by style talk? This package is your stress-free solution. As an AICI image consultant, I’ll curate looks aligned with who you are or aspire to be.

Your time is precious. Allow me to craft your digital capsule wardrobe, freeing you from the stress of wardrobe decisions and shopping. Focus on what brings you joy and energy, and let your style effortlessly shine.

Let you feel good and shine every day with personalized styling advice. Let’s embark on this stylish journey together. Save time, energy, and enjoy looking your best effortlessly!

Are You Sending the Right Message Through Your Image?

Your image tells a story about you, contributing to your personal brand. Answer these questions:

  • Still wearing the same style from the start of your career?
  • Going casual to client meetings?
  • Wardrobe dominated by light blue shirts?
  • Neglecting grooming?
  • Wearing the same clothes for presentations and social gatherings?
  • Unsure about colors that suit you?
  • Always feeling cold, opting for woolly sweaters?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than two or three, it’s time to boost your image. Let me guide you through this transformation.

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What To Expect from This Service

Tailored around your hectic schedule, this service allows you to focus on your priorities. By choosing this package, you can skip the complexity and leave it to me. I curate outfits, find the perfect ensemble for every occasion, and seamlessly mix and match for you. The outfits are carefully chosen to suit your lifestyle, reflect your personality, and align with your position. This ensures confidence in various situations, leaving a lasting impression and boosting your personal brand.

With deep insights into the psychology of image communication, we will create a powerful image tailored to help you achieve your goals. Imagine the ease and confidence you’ll feel every day when your wardrobe reflects your greatness.

Digital Capsule Wardrobe Overview

For busy professionals like you, I create a capsule wardrobe consisting of high-quality pieces that effortlessly pair with existing items in your closet. Emphasizing a minimalist approach, less is more, creating more styles with fewer items. Ensuring each curated look conveys the right intentional message.

Fashion is secondary; our focus is on creating a unique style that represents your best self.

How Does the digital capsule wardrobe work?

If we haven’t worked together yet, we’ll start by getting to know you. In a one-hour session, we’ll explore your preferences, conduct colour analysis, and assess your body shape, type, proportion, and goals. After this, I’ll start shopping and curating your digital wardrobe, typically including 4-6 tops, 3-5 bottoms, a few layering pieces, and shoes and accessories, resulting in 40-50 different looks.

If this resonates with your needs, book your appointment now and embark on a stylish journey crafted just for you.

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