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Use Personal Colour Analysis to Supercharge Your Career

Personal colour analysis is an effective personal styling tool that can help you achieve your career goals and strengthen your personal brand that reflects your distinctive qualities.

Knowing what colours flatter you and fit you best can be a total game changer for your career as well as for your personal life.

Colour analysis is a simple process that involves finding the most flattering colours for you that match your personality. This information can be used to create a custom wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, and that fits your profession and position. 

As Coco Chanel said, “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”.

So what are the practical benefits of a personal colour analysis, and how does it work?

To get an idea of this and the work I do, you can check out these videos. Keep scrolling to read more, or book a free intake to learn how this can work for you. 

5 Benefits of Knowing Your Colours

1) You will look and feel more confident at work, which also adds to your credibility.

Professionalism often starts with feeling confident. And feeling confident—well … that often starts with looking and feeling amazing in your outfits. Depending on your personality and profession, you can create a professional wardrobe with colours that work for you for different occasions. When you know what you look good in and how to mix and match for different situations, you’ll feel more comfortable and more confident wherever you are.

2) You won’t have to guess what’s appropriate for work.

Professional work outfits come in all colour combinations and styles. There is always a way to dress to look stunning and professional. Once you have your personal colour palette and the knowledge that you learn from the consultation, picking what’s appropriate and what matches who you are will be easier. You will look more professional than you could have imagined.

3) It saves time and money.

When you know exactly what colours make you look and feel the best, you will spend less time and money experimenting with expensive work outfits that you stop wearing after a few weeks. In the long-term, you end up saving money because you don’t make the costly mistake of buying outfits that you don’t look and feel good in.

4) You will be easier to remember at work.

Having a wardrobe with colours that compliment your natural complexion, and your personality, can help you stand out or blend in as you wish. You will learn what you can do to be visible and memorable. People often associate your personal style with your personality, and they also associate your personal style with your work style. So take control to show them what you want them know about you.

5) It helps you build professional relationships.

Think of your professional wardrobe as visual branding for the “professional side” of you. Your personal style becomes what people can easily remember you by. When you are dressing in colours that make you more visible and look more energetic, it helps people see you. And when people see you, they will more easily remember you, and you will become recognised in your workplace more often.

When you level up your style, it will level up your life and help you climb your career ladder the way you want to. Getting your personal colours figured out is the first step to getting recognised by important people who you want to make an impact on. 

How To Get Your Best Colour Palette

Colours can communicate and express your mood and personality. Combining different colours in one outfit requires a harmony with who you are inside and out. In addition, colours need to be compatible with your daily activities, surroundings, and occasions.

This is why colour consultants can be your best option to curate the best colour palette for you.

They can conduct a personal colour analysis to find out what colours suit you best, and offer a consultation to help you understand how to use your colour palette effectively to help strengthen your brand and advance your career.

They can point out the subtle differences in colour and material choices based on your personality, age, lifestyle, profession and your goal.

How Does a Personal Colour Analysis Work?

As an Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) personal image consultant, I can perform a colour analysis that identifies the best colour choices to help you reach your professional or personal goals. 

The consultation:

  1. The colour consultation starts with me understanding who you are, what you like to do and where you want to go in your daily activities and in your career.
  2. Then, I will perform the analysis and I will explain what colour themes work best with your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, lip colour, your personality and your lifestyle. 
  3. In the end, I will make your personal colour swatch. You will learn about how to use the swatch, how to mix and match the colours and how to put an outfit together, taking into account colour psychology and different situations. 

Your Takeaways:

  • Which colours make you look fresh and radiant.
  • How to use colours to increase visibility, or, conversely, how to blend in.
  • Different ways to combine colours that create a perfect balance of harmony.
  • What colours to choose for different occasions.
  • How to use your personal colour palette.
  • Ways to enhance your appearance.


What else you can get with your personal colour analysis:

1. Your personal colour swatch 

You will receive a colour swatch that either contains 36 colours (Basic Analysis) or 54-60 colours (Advanced Analysis). Having your colour swatch in hand makes shopping or clearing out the closet so much easier.

Colour analysis results not only can be used for getting the right colour garments/clothing, but also can be used as a guide for matching accessories, spectacle frames, as well as lipsticks, blushes or even nail polish.

2. A personalised dressing guide

You can also ask for a personalised colour dressing guide for an additional fee. This comes with loads of useful and personalised guidance for your situation and many inspiring examples. 

3. Personal shopping services to find the perfect outfits for your daily activities and work life

I can also help you with shopping using your new personalised colours in a follow-up appointment. It usually takes some practice to transition out of your old shopping habits, so having a professional hand is helpful in choosing outfits that makes you shine. The charge can be per hour or with a seasonal card.

4. Wardrobe management

I can also help you with wardrobe management and planning, to create a professional capsule wardrobe that is only filled with items that make you shine. I can help you to mix and match, saving you time from thinking and doubting what’s best to wear every day. 

Online & Offline Options

We can work together with an offline analysis or online analysis – both get the same results!

  • Basic online or in-person colour consultations are 90 minutes long + a 10-minute intake session.
  • Your swatch of 36 colours is included in the price.

Let me know if you would like to add the optional personalised colour dressing guide with a supplement of €60.

It is possible to do a duo consultation for 2 people. This will be a total cost of  €349.— for both people and will take 2 hours + the intake session. Two 36-colour swatches are included in the price. 

Need some help with shopping or wardrobe management? Let me know! I offer personal shopping services (both online & in-store) and wardrobe management so that your wardrobe will be filled with outfits that level up your professionalism and make you shine.

All prices include VAT.

  • Premium online or in-person colour consultations are 2 hours long + a 15-minute intake session.
  • Your premium bespoke colour fabric swatch of 60 colours is included in the price. 

Let me know if you’d like to add the optional personalised colour dressing guide with a supplement of €80.

Need some help with shopping or wardrobe management? Let me know! I offer personal shopping services and wardrobe management so that your wardrobe will be filled with outfits that level up your professionalism and make you shine.

All prices include VAT.

To get an idea of the consultation, or a package with personal shopping, you can check out my videos:

What My Clients Say After Colour Consultation: