“Let nothing dim the light that shines from within” — Maya Angelou

Our services cover the areas of personal colours, styles, make up and skincare. Each one-on-one consultation service starts with understanding who you are as a person, your lifestyle, your profession and your goal. Through the consultation, we will find the light that shines from within and uncover your beautiful strength. It’s a journey involving self-discovery and professional guidance. 

Everyone is uniquely beautiful. Just be you. The best colour is the one that looks good on you, and the best outfit is the one that flatters your body, fits you as a person, and is suitable for your lifestyle and profession. So, once you’ve gone through this transformation journey, you will know how to filter fashion information and choose what fits you.

As a personal image consultant, I help you show your best self to the outside world and leave a positive, lasting impression on people.

Start your self-discovery journey now — find what’s unique about you.

Start to Shine Brighter!

Your Colour


Find out what colours flatter you most and make you sparkle

Your Style


Find out what style complements your body and personality.

Your Skincare & Makeup


Find out what skincare and makeup is right for you