Personal Branding Package - Visibility Boost

Get the Recognition You Deserve

As a professional, you work hard to deliver your results and invest in personal development. However, you may be frustrated by not getting the recognition and credit you deserve. For example, your well-prepared presentation to management didn’t leave the impression that you had hoped for, or the great result from your work didn’t have the impact on others you thought it would. You are so ready for your promotion, but you keep receiving feedback that you need to work on your visibility?

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, keep reading.

Why Do You Need To Work on Your Visibility

Solely relying on your expertise and getting things done is often not enough; that is to say, visibility and how you communicate through your image matters. People are often judging others by their appearance. Your image keeps on radiating messages even when you are not speaking. Don’t just be the invisible supporter on the team. You deserve to be seen.

Successful leaders often appear, behave and communicate as such. Their strong image draws in attention and helps them have a bigger impact on others. Your image not only influences what others think of you, but, if you do it right, it can also support your goal. And, for that reason, an image that represents the best of you would help your team, or your higher-level management, notice you and appreciate you.

Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn, said during an interview with Business Insider “the problem with appearance is that it translates to performance. Even if your boss doesn’t think that they’re thinking any less of you, they will subconsciously think it.”

What Can You Gain from Taking This Package

Your style of dress can reflect your image and position, and help you be seen and be recognized by your stakeholders. Dressing yourself for your next position will help others to see you in that position. If you wonder how to do that, what’s appropriate in different situations, or how to become more visible at work without feeling awkward, I can help.

Let’s work on your professional image that matches you, increases visibility and boosts the impression you make on others. Consequently, you will feel and look more confident, people will look at you very differently and your competency will come out stronger.

Online and offline one-on-one consultation from €599.—

The package starts at  €599.— which includes a 3.5-hour consultation.

Based on a 30-minute intake session, I will tailer the consultation to your situation and needs.

Think of the following as possible directions based on your need: 

  • Establishing your own style — finding your style that matches you. 
  • Wardrobe boost
  • Personal shopping * (€129.- per hour) 
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe * (€129.- per hour)

Your colour palette* (36 colors) 

*It’s optional to upgrade to Premium Colour Analysis with a supplement of €149.— (the consultation will be 40 mins longer)

All prices include VAT. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the price.

What clients say after took a Personal Branding package with me:

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