30 Stylish Ways To Wear a Scarf

Do you always wear your scarf the same way? Do you only put on your scarf when you feel cold? Then you have very much underestimated  the potential of your scarves. Throughout the year, a scarf is often one of my everyday essentials. I’ve recorded step-by-step vidoes for you with 30 stylish ways to wear a scarf.

In fact, a scarf can be so versatile, when you wear it nicely, it looks like a new interesting outfit. There are many ways to style an outfit with a scarf. They can make your basic outfit look completely new & stylish. 

I’ve recorded 5 different step-by-step videos using 4 different sizes of scarfs. Hopefully,  they will inspire you and I am sure you will find a couple of them that you like. Save them to watch whenever you need.

The first two videos use silk scarves, which are great for the Spring and Summer;  and both indoor and outdoor. Nowadays, with many people working from home, there is no need to put on your best pair of shoes, but you do want to take care of how you look on that little screen. People always judge you on your appearance, how vital or energetic you look or how devoted you appear. Yes, even when you are working from home.

For example, if you are working from home, then putting on a silk scarf over a very basic T-shirt can immediately make you look so much more put together and sharp. So you too can feel better and look better without making a big investment.

In the next two videos, I use a plain cashmere M size scarf. It’s a very common and handy size to have for the Autumn and Spring.

The first video below comprises mostly basic techniques, and the second video has a couple of slightly more advanced techniques. Just watch the video couple of more times if you need to, or pause it. They are still easy enough to follow when you do it step by step. For those who are handy with their hands and love to try more unique looks, these are for you.

In the third video below I use a large rectangle thin scarf with prints. If you find a scarf in such big size, and it’s thin and in your colours, get them, you won’t regret it. They are so versatile, and can be also worn like a top. 

Hopefully, these easy to follow, step by step, videos will make you love your scarves again. They are so great to have for styling-up a look.

Hope you like these videos, get some inspiring ideas from this post, and have some fun trying different styles!