Styling Tips for a Curvy Body

How to dress if you have a curvy shape? When you have a curvy or wider body, wearing black is a very conservative choice. But there are many variations, many details you can alter to make your outfit more appealing and attractive. Hopefully some of these styling tips for a curvy body can inspire you.

To start with, dressing in one colour from top to bottom would make you look longer. Darker and duller colours will visually recede, which could make you look slimmer. Black, for sure, is a safe and common choice; and some tweaks here and there can make the outfit much more attractive.

Below, step by step transformation (from left to right),  let’s see how we can improve her outfit A.Styling tips for a curvy body

Transforming steps

1. Keep the ankles visible. Do you see how the legs would appear slimmer and longer in outfit B? 
2. Try a 3/4 sleeve, even better with a semi transparent sleeve, show the wrists. *Wear a waist belt if there is a defined waist – depends on your body shape. 
3. Wear a V neck with a necklace that is balanced with your face. Wear a belt in similar colour and just have the belt buckle in a different accent/bright colour.
What do you think? I think outfit D flatters her body shape, the waist is more defined but not highlighted, and the total look is much more elegant and appealing. Do you like it? Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration. If you like to know more about how to dress your body shape, join one of the styling workshop; or contact me for a one-on-one consultation and learn everything about how to dress your body that’s appropriate to your position and life-style, and that fits you as a person.