Personal Branding Package - Dress to Impress

How To Dress For Interviews, Networking and Meeting

Are you an ambitious young professional who strives for the best career and is always keen on new opportunities? If you want to stand out, make positive impressions and succeed in interviews, or shine at networking events, then this package is designed for you – learn how to dress for interviews

The job market competition is severe. Besides your education, knowledge and experiences, there is something else you can work on in the short term to stand out from the crowd and boost your opportunities. You really want to maximize your chance in succeeding in that interview you worked hard to get.

A Good First Impression

We are often judged by appearance, more than we know it. People tend to create their own opinion of you when they see you, and translate your appearance to your performance, working style and capability.

As far as first impressions go, it takes about three seconds for someone to determine whether or not they like you or want to consider hiring you, or do business with you in the future. Dress yourself in the role you desire will help them to see you and imagine you in that role,  and that is, you are helping yourself to reach your goal.

If you are wondering how to show up more credibly, more suitable, and what helps you to impress interviewers or your clients, I can help.

Image Matters

Your image, your choice of colours and style, keeps radiating messages even if you are not aware of it. For example, although wearing red can really stand out, even if red is one of your best colours, it is actually one of the colours to be avoided for an interview. This is because the colour of red not only exudes energy, passion, and confidence, it also expresses aggression and arrogance. But you may use it as a pop-up colour if you wish.

Your image not only influences what others think of you, but, if you do it right, it can also support your goal. Let me help you create a strong personal image that helps you impress others and that matches your personal energy and area of expertise.

Above all, don’t underestimate the benefits a good personal image can bring. I will help you choose what to dress for your interviews or networking events, make a powerful first impression and grab the attention from interviewers; or leave a  long lasting and great impression when meeting clients.

Dress to impress, become unforgettable online and offline. 

Online and offline one-on-one consultation €399.—

  • An intake of 20 mins. 
  • Two outfit suggestions based on your need and budgets.
  • 75 mins consultation where I explain the colour and style suggestions for you; as well as how to make a great impression taking into account the visual aspect, body language, posture and more. 
  • You will also get tips on how to present yourself online.
  • If you want more outfit suggestions , it is always possible to add some personal shopping hours.

Your digital colour analysis report. 

Two outfits suggestion.

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