How To Spice-up Your Parties

Do you have a girlfriend’s day, a bachelor party, a family gathering, or other celebration coming up? And you are looking for fun activities to spice-up your party? Then stop right here, you’ll love how a personal stylist can combine fun and self-learning into your party.

A personal stylist can design an informal and informative workshop, that can be held at a location of your choice . It’s a great way to have fun and pamper yourselves.

1. You and your friends will feel pampered 

You and your guests will learn something new about yourself, your style, your body shape, etc. A good personal stylist can  combine fun and self-learning into your party.

2. Have your outfits assessed

You’re encouraged to bring your own clothing along so the personal stylist can help you see what works (or what doesn’t), or how to style them. This means that you’ll discover what clothing styles are good for you, and which pieces you should let go. 

Do you have an outfit that you’re not sure you can pull off? Or maybe you want to create new looks with an expert’s help? Bring a few outfits from home so that you can get some gentle, honest, and encouraging feedback if you wish.

It is also an idea to combine it with a swishing party, so you first all learn about what fits you before you start diving into what everyone else brought. Who knows? The ‘fashion mistakes’ you make might turn out to be the perfect choice for one of your friends!


3. Receive your personal colour advice 

You could also consider asking for a colour consulting session, which everyone will learn about their dominant colour and their best colour. 

In a colour session with a personal stylist you could learn about: 

  • Your colour type (ie. which season, warm or cool)  
  • How to mix and match colours
  • What colours flatter you
  • How to pick a lipstick colour or hair colour

After this activity, you’ll have some idea to look for colours that make you look and feel confident and beautiful.

4. Get your personal styling advice

You could also consider a styling session based on your group’s interest. For example body shape styling,  accessories styling, or style personalities. That is always very fun to do with a group of friends and family members. You are not only learning something new about yourself, but also something new about someone that’s close to you.

During this session you will have lots of fun moments with your friends and families. You can help each other, be a sounding board for each eachother, and in the end, you will all get many styling tips for yourself. Further more, you will always have something in common and fun to discuss even long after the workshop.

In short, you will have fun while also making sure that everyone has a memorable time. Such a private styling workshop can provide all of your fashion-loving friends with activities that are both fun and unique! It will become something that you will remember and enjoy for a long time.

Looking for the Personal Stylist for Your Parties?

If you’re looking for a personal stylist for your next celebration here in the Netherlands, I can help. I will make it beautiful and fun for you and your guests!

Not only will you and your friends leave with a list of styling tips, you’ll also leave feeling refreshed and more confident than when we started.

On top of that, it’s an inexpensive way to have fun and pamper yourself and your friends, and have lots of laughter together. 

A private group workshop starts at €79.- p.p. and a minimum of 6 people. Depending on what exactly you would like to include, the price varies. Contact me about your occasion and wishes, I can personalize the content and duration, and make a quotation based on your needs that suits to your group and occasion.

So, if you’re looking for something different for your next event, and create memories that last forever. Contact meI’m here to help you and your friends show the most fabulous version of YOU possible.

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