What is Personal Branding

What is personal branding, and why does it matter? It is often said that you are your brand, and that people judge you by your appearance. Your personal brand is how you look, it is how you speak, and it’s also how you act and behave. And all these pieces need to come together in harmony to form your best public identity.

Everyone in the workplace should establish their own personal brand. It doesn’t matter whether you have worked on it or not, because whether you like it or not, it’s there! You are your own brand — your every word and deed, how you dress and appear, actually represents you, and your company, regardless of whether you meant it or not. And not only do your soft skills and knowledge matter, but so too does your image and appearance; and your image represents you even before you get a chance to speak. In short, your image keeps on radiating messages whether you are aware or not, and even whether you like it or not.  

Humans are visual creatures, often judging others by their appearance. This is why, your image is more important than you may think. Your image includes every little detail that other people see. People easily notice if there is something not in harmony. People look at your body language, they see how you talk, how you stand, sit and walk. This means you cannot look great, but behave horribly. Your personality and attitude, both online and offline, also need to be connected. People can see it, and they can feel it too. Be authentic, and be your true self.

Pay attention to some successful leaders. They appeared, behaved and communicated, already as a successful leader before they actually became one. When you have a desire to go to a next-level position, you need to communicate and behave like you’re already there. That will help others to see you in that position.

People not only listen to what you say, it is how much of that is visible to others. Make yourself visible, help others to notice and value you more easily.

Those are really several of the key success factors in a corporate environment.

The good news is, your personal image is one of the best ways to influence what others think of you. For this, you do not change into someone else, but instead you bring your beautiful strength out and show people who you are and help them to remember you when they think of your field.

“You are your brand, so brand yourself beautifully” — You are the one that your clients buy, so you better work on yourself. 

As an AICI Image consultant, I offer simple & practical advice to help you improve your professional image and strengthen your personal brand. I can help you advance in your career, and be the best you can be. I offer both one-on-one consultations and small group workshops, including colour workshop, style workshop, etc; all available Online. Contact me for any enquiries. 

So what do you want people to remember or say about you?