How To Combine Clothes and Improve Your Style?​

Do you often think that you need new clothes because the ones you have seem to not be fitting as you wish or you simply get bored of them? Do you not know how to combine clothes or you naturally have a minimal approach and wonder how to look good in clothes you have? Or, maybe, you simply wonder how to improve your style?

Whichever type you are, if you are someone who likes to dress simple but stylish, keep reading.

To start with, looking stylish doesn’t mean that you need to dress in the latest fashion. Absolutely not. Often, when someone is seen as stylish is when she has developed her own style — a personal style that suits her taste, character, fits her energy, and social status.

You can follow fashion, but that doesn’t mean you should adopt all the trends. Being stylish is about being yourself.  Dressing in your style is about finding what’s special about you and showing your best self. It doesn’t need to be costly nor difficult to look good.

Keep it simple.

If you like a minimal approach to your wardrobe and want to live sustainably, keep scrolling. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time mum or busy career woman, here are some handy tips for you.


1. Organize and plan your wardrobe.

Apparently, a lot of women only wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe. Are you one of them? I offer wardrobe management for my clients, depending on their situation, advice will be tailored to them. But below are some general tips that can help you organize, plan and manage your wardrobe.

  • Aim to have at least 60-70% of your wardrobe filled with some basic clothes that you can wear regularly. This means having clothes in basic colors and designs. This sets a great foundation for you to mix and match. 
  • Dedicate 20-30% of your closet to “fun” clothing. This means having either some costumes, or clothes in some flattering colours, patterns and special designs.
  • Have some lovely accessories in your wardrobe — scarfs, necklaces, belts, etc. These allow you to create so many different looks with the same clothes.
  • Regularly de-clutter your closet. If you have some clothes sitting there that you haven’t worn for 3 or more years, perhaps it’s time to let them go. Most likely those clothes don’t fit you well anymore, or they’ve never fit very well so you don’t feel great in them. Clothes that are so lovely in your 20s most likely won’t be so suitable in your 40s, even if they still fit.

Why is wardrobe management important? It’s important because, once your closet is only filled with good quality items you love, that compliment you and show your beautiful strengths, it will totally change how you feel about your wardrobe. All my clients always feel so great once they declutter their wardrobe after the consultation. See below for an image of a client’s wardrobe. Read more here. 

Wardrobe management_Lu_imageconsulting

2. Shop with a checklist.

An impulse purchase that you may regret later is wise to avoid. Don’t spend money buying clothes that you actually don’t need. You should only buy clothes that you absolutely love and that can be worn for a long time. 

70-80% of the clothes in my closet are used regularly, and many of them I have had for years. If I buy something new, I make sure it matches with pieces I already have. Here are some shopping tips from me that I recommend to my clients too. You can use these as your checklist: 

  • Can the new item be easily worn with many other items I already have?  If you can’t easily think of 3-5 ways to wear it, or have nothing else to go with it, don’t buy it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Would this piece make me feel happy and confident when I put it on? Don’t buy anything just because you see it a lot on social media or it looks good on someone else.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Is the quality good enough to last for a few years? Don’t buy clothes that will only be worn for a season.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Will I follow the care instructions? Check the tag. I will never buy pants or tops that require professional dry-cleaning.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Is it something I really love that I would have paid full price for even if it’s not on sale? Never buy it only because of the price.
Personal shopping_shopping checklist

3. Combine clothes and look good in clothes you already have.

I always strive to maximize my wardrobe potential by finding different ways to mix and match. Here is an example with a blazer to give you some inspiration:

  • Match with a long, blue pleated skirt. My body likes fabrics that are not too soft and fluid. This pleated skirt has two layers: the outside layer is sheer and fine, but the inner layer is a medium thickness, and it only goes to my knee. So the whole skirt can still appear to be flowing and interesting while fitting my body type. And I really like how well it goes with this blazer. 
  • Match with pants or white jeans for a classic smart, casual office look. Make sure the cutting of the pants is right for you. Depending on your body shape, you may want to put a belt over the blazer.
  • Match with shorts and high heels for a chic and sharp look.
  • Style it with a belt and a pop-out scarf.
  • Match with a white blouse and a pair of black flare trousers.

4. Add accessories to improve your style.

It’s all about the little details. In wardrobe planning, I suggest to have some accessories. Not to make it complicated, but rather to bring some fun and charisma into your style. I’m sharing my own style as an example just for your inspiration below. You shall find your own style. If you need help with that, you can always contact me, or check out my styling services

A pair of black pants is one of the best basic garments to have in your wardrobe. Probably every professional lady has a pair. And it’s very often that we wear them with a white top. Now, what can you do to make such a basic combination looking stylish? Here is where accessories come in handy. They are what you need to style up your basic outfit.

See the images below for how I make different variations out of the most basic basic black and white outfit.  The looks remain simple and elegant but with added character.

  • Tucking in the front side of the T-shirt, like I did in the first one, creates diagonal lines on the side that give more definition to the waist. I also made a bow tie of a slim, striped scarf, which is my skin tone mixed with black and white. This creates great harmony and makes the look much more interesting. 
  • Making a knot with the T-shirt, and tying it up with the same scarf, is just another way to make the upper body slimmer and the legs longer. Of course, for different body types and body proportions, the need is very different.
  • Layering with vests is great for autumn or spring weather and everyday office style.
  • Styling with a scarf —well … there are countless ways to tie a scarf. Here are another two above the step-by-step scarf styling video series I created.

Now you have some ideas to combine your clothes with accessories like a pro.

Remember, the style needs to suit you as a person and fit your personality and profession. If some clothes look horrible on you, it’s NOT you, it’s the clothes! That particular designer just didn’t have your body shape in mind when designing that piece. Look for the ones that make you look great. You just need to know what to look for. 

If you like to know more about what clothes fit your body type and body shape, check here. Or check out my consultation service and let me help you create the style your heart desires.

If you need help to boost your wardrobe, let me know. As my clients say, they have never looked at their wardrobe the same way before. It will save you so much time and release you from some of your morning stress. This is because, no matter what you pick, you can know it will look good on you, and you will feel confident and empowered. That positive vibe can be beneficial in so many different ways.

Life is a gift — live every day as a special day. Treat every day like you have an important date that day, and that important date is with yourself. You must love yourself every single day, and let yourself know that too.