How To Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape?

Accessories are the soul of styling, and it’s the easiest and most fun way to put a look together. It’s like the flavouring in cooking. Without it, the food taste might be too flat. Too much and you spoil the dish. The earrings are the closest accessories to our face, choosing the right shape can really make a difference. So, how to choose a necklace and earrings for your face shape?

First, you start with understanding your own facial shape, your facial features, your body lines and proportions. Overall, it’s about creating harmony, to complete a look, and not to distract. Just like adding flavouring and seasoning to your dish – the flavour needs to go together and match the dish, otherwise the taste would be awkward.  

There are 10 different face shapes, and I will cover the 6 most common ones here. You will find some highlights of how to choose a necklace and earrings for each face shape below with some examples.

What is your face shape

Earrings for round face shape

You have a round face shape when the length and width of your face is similar without major corners at the jaw. The widest portion of your face is the middle part. 

  • Avoid: very round, square, something that’s too sharp on edges, exaggerated designs.
  • Do: shapes with soft curve lines, oval.

Earrings for square face shape

You have a square face shape when your cheekbone, brow bone, and your jawline have similar length and width. Usually, the jaw line is quite strong.  

  • Avoid: same square as the face, too sharp edges.
  • Do: long slimmer shape with soft edges, not longer than chin line. Soft curvy pearl necklace.

Earrings for Heart face shape

You have a heart face shape when your forehead is the widest part of your face, and you have a small jaw line and narrow and pointy chin.  

  • Avoid: designs that similar to heart, or inverted triangle.
  • Do: water drop shape, leaves, designs that are wider on the bottom.

Earrings for rectangular face shape

You have a rectangular face shape when the length of your face is much longer than the width of your face. Similar to a square face shape, usually the jaw line is very strong.

  • Avoid:  long and slim earrings and necklaces.
  • Do: exaggerated designs, diagonal designs; choker.

Earrings for diamond face shape

You have a diamond face shape when your cheekbones are noticeably wider than your jaw line and brow bone. Usually, this means narrow forehead and jaw line and the widest part of your face is in the middle.

  • Avoid: designs that are wider on the top and small on the bottom.
  • Do: square with round edges, water drop shape, designs that are wider on the bottom.

Earrings for oval face shape

You have a oval face shape when your jaw line and forehead is narrower than your cheek bones, but with only soft curvy lines, no pointy chin.

  • Lucky you! You have endless possibilities. An oval face is considered the most appealing and easy-to-style face shape.

See below picture 2 of images a client sent me. She loves pearls, but completely round pearls don’t suit her, because that exaggerates her found face, and draws too much attention to her nose. So I took her preference into account, but suggested different shapes and designs that would compliment her facial features, which would give a nice balance and harmony. And look at this pair of earrings that she found based on my visual recommendations. 


She is using her colour palette so well. See how amazing she looks when she is dressing in her colour

Improving your personal image is about all the little details that come together, it starts with a self-discovery journey. It’s a process to get more and more confident over time, and look good and feel good about yourself and your choices day by day. It also takes time and practices to stay away from old shopping habits. Reach out if you some help.