How To Choose Eyeglasses For Your Faceshape?

Do you wear glasses everyday? Do you find it difficult to find a pair that fits beautifully and feels comfortable? If you wear glasses daily, it becomes a very important accessory that is part of your identity. In this post you will learn about choosing eyeglasses for your faceshape.

You would need to consider the style of the frame, its colour, shape, size, material, the fit and the comfort. Scroll further down, I’ve prepared some visual examples for you. 

It includes some general guidance on how to choose a frame that matches your face shape and brings harmony, as well as many examples of when it’s a good fit or a bad fit.

These guidelines are made considering normal daily use. If you use your eyeglasses purely as an accessory to express your distinctive and expressive personality, these guidelines are not for you. 


General Guidelines for selecting eyeglass frames

The colour of the frame:

  • Choose a colour that matches your skin, eyes or hair. 
  • If you have had your personal colour analysed, choose one from your basic or accent colour.

The size: 

  • If it’s a pair of everyday glasses, consider how it relates to your body size. If you are petite, go for a lighter, smaller frame for example. 

The fit: 

  • The frame should be at least as wide as your face width at temples. If the frame bends inward from the ear, then the frame is too narrow for you.

The shape: 

  • Have a frame shape that’s relate to your face shape.
  • The top of the frame should match the eyebrow line. 
  • Best to have the frame just below the eye brows. Never cover part of your eyes. 

Examples of when the glasses are right or wrong for your face:


How to choose eyeglasses for your round face?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a round face shape when the length and width of your face is similar without major corners at the jaw. The widest portion of your face is the middle part.
  • Guidelines: 
    • Choose square or rectangular frames 
    • Frames can be bold and angular
  • Avoid: 
    • Round shaped frames
eyeglasses for round face shape

How to choose eyeglasses for your square faceshape?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a square face shape when your cheekbone, brow bone, and your jawline have similar length and width. Usually, the jaw line is quite strong.
  • Guidelines: 
    • Choose round or oval frames 
    • Better to have delicate and thin frames to balance the jawline
    • Choose frame width slightly wider than the cheekbones
  • Avoid: 
    • Square/rectangle shape
eyeglasses for square face shape

How to choose eyeglasses for your oblong faceshape?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a rectangular/oblong face shape when the length of your face is much longer than the width of your face.
  • Guidelines: 
    • Choose round or curved frames 
    • Look for frames whose upper and lower rims are equal in shape
  • Avoid: 
    • Square frames and high bridge
eyeglasses for oblong face shape

How to choose eyeglasses for your pear or triangle faceshape?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a pear or triangle face shape when the widest part of your face is your jaw.  
  • Guidelines: 
    • Choose frames that emphasise the top half of the frame. 
    • Go for frames that have darker colour on the top and a lighter colour on the bottom half. 
  • Avoid: 
    • Square shape frames
eyeglasses for pear and triangle face shape

How to choose eyeglasses for your heart faceshape?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a heart face shape when your forehead is the widest part of your face. You have a small jaw line with narrow and pointy chin.
  • Guidelines: 
    • Choose frames that are wider on the bottom
    • Go for frames that are wider to balance the wide forehead.
    • Frames with details on the lower part would be good choices.
  • Avoid: 
    • Aviator frames
eyeglasses for heart face shape

How to choose eyeglasses for your diamond faceshape?

  • Characteristic:
    • You have a diamond face shape when your cheekbones are noticeably wider than your jaw line and brow bone. Usually, this means narrow forehead and jaw line and the widest part of your face is in the middle.
  • Guidelines: 
    • Curved frames with delicate lines
    • Frames that have an oval shape
    • Choose wider frames to balance the cheekbones
  • Avoid: 
    • Cat-eye shape
eyeglasses for diamond face shape

If you have an oval face shape, then lucky you! You have endless possibilities. An oval face is considered the most appealing and easy-to-style face shape. So, most eye glasses frames would fit easily.

I don’t recommend purchasing eye frames online. In fact, it’s one of the few things that I would never purchase online. Do visit your local optician to make sure it’s adjusted to the optimal comfort level for you.

Thank you for reading, and hope you find the infomation in this post helpful.

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