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Accelerate your career ladder with personal branding

Do you feel that you are passionately ready for your next position, and all of your team loves you, but somehow the higher-level management doesn’t see you that way and is not giving you the position that you are ready for? It’s time to work on your personal branding and advance your career.

Often people need to function as if they are already in their next position before they actually get that position. When you have a strong ambition to climb quickly up your career ladder, or a short-term goal to climb to a next-level position, you need to communicate and behave like you are two steps ahead. It’s not only how you talk and interact with people, but also how you dress. For example, dressing for the next position will help people to see you in that position.

Depending on your industry, company culture and location, the level of formality varies. Most industries and companies wouldn’t require you to completely suit up in a tie and pair of shiny, leather, black shoes. However, that doesn’t mean you can go completely casual, either. Casual wear might be cool and trendy, but you might not be taken seriously. Higher-level managers might not be able to picture you as one of them. Be aware of the messages your image is sending out to people. These all contribute to your personal branding.

Answer these questions: 

  • Do you sometimes go for completely casual? 
  • Are you wearing the clothing style that you were wearing when you first started your career?
  • Do you often wear a light blue shirt? 
  • Do you wear lots of greens and browns? 
  • Are you not well groomed? Or do you not wear makeup?
  • Do you not know what colour makes you look energetic and powerful, or pale and tired?

If you have more than 3 yeses, it’s time to boost your image. All of these contribute to your professional image, your personal brand. 

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this style talk? Well, let me help you, so you can then focus on keeping all of those other priorities in line, and focus on doing what you are good at.

There is a lot of psychology behind image communication, which means there is a lot we can do to give you a strong and powerful image that can help you achieve your goal.

Online & Offline one-on-one consultation from €679.—

Based on your 40-minute intake session, a consultation will be tailored to your profession, situation and need. 

The package start at €679.—  which includes a 2.5-hours consultation (colour, style communication and wardrobe planning) + 2.5 hours of shopping.

Your colour palette* (36 colors)

*It is optional to upgrade to Premium Colour Analysis with a supplement of €129.—. You will then have your bespoke colour swatch of 54-60 colors.  

All prices mentioned included the VAT. Please note that shipping costs are not included in the price.

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